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The South African Norwegian Association (SANA) is a non-profit organisation and was
established in May 2019. SANA has a corporate program and a social impact program.

Corporate Program SANA

  • Seeks to stimulate economic activity between South African and Norwegian business communities.
  • Promotes collaboration, partnerships, trade and investments between its South African and Norwegian member companies in a range of business activities based on the principles of ethical practices and corporate governance.
  • Provide a platform to its members for initiatives to strengthen collaboration, dialogue, knowledge sharing and networking between business communities for information and distribution on the premises of economic development and good governance.
  • Engage the South African and Norwegian governments on policies that serve to stimulate, promote and sustain a favorable business environment between the two countries.
  • Foster a business environment for its members in sectors ranging, but not limited to, renewable energy, agriculture, mining, technology, transport, real estate, finance, digital economy, commerce, shipping, the blue economy,

Social program SANA

  • Has a legacy project focused on strengthening and increasing cooperation by facilitating study opportunities in higher education, capacity development, knowledge generation and collaborative research programs between South African and Norwegian educational institutions.
  • Shall engage the Norwegian and South African government on policies that serve to stimulate, promote and sustain skills development, international academic cooperation, youth scholarship programs for leadership development, digital enabled programs, joint degree programs, knowledge sharing, strengthening mutual programs within research, innovation and education

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