Siri Mathiesen

Founder And Board Member

Siri Mathiesen holds a Master of Laws from the University of Oslo and she has also been a student at The Norwegian Defence University College (“Sjefskurset”). She is an Experienced Regional Director for The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (“Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon”) (NHO). NHO is Norway’s largest organization for employers and the leading business lobbyist. At present the membership of NHO is 26 000+ companies which range from small family-owned businesses to multinational companies in most sectors. NHO is the leading voice of business and industry in Norway. Having expert knowledge and an extensive business network, the NHO plays an important and constructive role in Norwegian society. The main task of these regional offices is to implement the NHO’s national initiatives, to engage in local opinion-forming work and influence local and regional authorities. At meetings and seminars, member companies meet from across the region to share experiences and ideas. Prior to her current position, Siri was an advisor in the public administration, entrepreneur from art to leadership and member of the city council in Arendal. She also held several boards positions in various industries and organizations.