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  • SANA shall provide the platform for exploration of business partnerships, networking, dialogue, collaborations, trade and investments, however SANA does not provide any warranties and guarantees that exploration and engagement shall lead to possible and sustainable collaborations/partnerships/transactions/trade and/or investments being concluded and as such SANA shall not be liable for any unsuccessful explorations and engagements of such opportunities.


  • It will be the duty and sole responsibility of the members of SANA to conduct their own due diligence on any business engagement, opportunity, partnership, collaboration, trade and/or investment and not that of SANA.


  • Please note that at all live events, webinars, meetings etc. the role of SANA is only that of a facilitator, facilitating access for speakers, business, government and, legal experts through our platform. Any advice or legal interpretation provided by presenters, speakers, moderators, chairs at meetings, live events, webinars etc. is in no way to be understood to be the opinion of SANA, or as legal advice from SANA.


  • Kindly note that program details are subject to change as our team finalizes plans with our speakers and participants for our live events, webinars etc.


  • Payment of participant/attendance fees towards event/webinar is non-refundable and participation/attendance at the online event is subject to payment before the event date.


  • If any participant/attendee is allowed access to any event/webinar without paying the fee (due to technical or any other factor which is beyond the control of SANA) before the event/webinar, then such attendee, participant will be obliged to pay SANA the participant/ attendance fee due within a period of seven days after the date of the event/webinar.


  • Any indulgences for late payment for participant/attendance fees shall not be construed as a waiver of any of the rights of SANA which at all times remain expressly reserved.




  • Any electronic mail you receive from an employee or representative of SANA or any other person using a SANA’s e-mail address, including any attachments thereto (“the e-mail”), is subject to SANA’s e-mail disclaimer (“disclaimer”) set out herein.


  • If you are not the intended recipient of electronic mail including attachments and/or images from SANA you shall not copy, disclose or distribute any of the information contained within the electronic mail including any attachments and/or images.


  • If you are the recipient as aforementioned, you must destroy the attachments and/or images and immediately inform the sender of the error.


  • In the event of a recipient failing to destroy any electronic mail including its attachments and/or images that will result in invading the right to privacy, unlawful interference and capture of communication, you will expose yourself to civil and/or criminal charges.


  • SANA does not accept liability for any errors; omissions, information and viruses shall not be responsible contained in the transmission of electronic mail and/or its attachments and/or images.


  • SANA shall not be liable if any variation is effected to any document or correspondence sent by electronic mail, unless that variation is approved by the sender of that electronic mail.


  • The views and opinions expressed in the e-mail do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of SANA. In particular, no SANA representative, advisor or employee may send:-


  • unsolicited commercial messages (“spam”);


  • messages that infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights (including copyright trademarks) or other rights (“infringing content”); or


  • messages containing content that is offensive, derogatory, racist, defamatory or otherwise unlawful (“offensive content”).


  • If the e-mail constitutes spam, contains infringing content or offensive content, or was otherwise sent for purposes unrelated to the official aims and objectives of SANA, that e-mail is contrary to SANA electronic communications policy and falls outside the scope of employment and/ representation of the individual concerned and SANA will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense of whatever nature resulting therefrom.


  • SANA reserves the right to read, monitor, access, block, delete, recall, copy and/or otherwise intercept any e-mail transmitted to or from the SANA mail servers.

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